SBA has developed several unique platforms and opportunities for companies to profile themselves, their product and services to over 60,000 potential buyers from our database and member companies. SBA has also extended our reach to consumers not within our database through our specially designed activities and events.

                           Inform, Engage, Inspire

These platforms include:

•               TRENDZ – SBA’s quarterly flagship publication

This publication seeks to keep members, and interested parties updated on the latest economic trends, industry news, government policies, and trade and investment opportunities in Singapore and around the world. 

This publication helps our members to formulate their business strategies with resources and information that are readily available to MNCs. 

Targeted readership: 40,000

•               SBA Website Banner, uploaded on the homepage

The most prominent asset of SBA’s website. Get noticed by advertising on this piece of premium property.

•               SBA e-newsletter, sent to all our members bi-monthly 

It contains information on SBA activities and policy updates. Members can increase their profile professionally and contacts via our newsletter too.

•               SBA Road shows 

SBA holds road shows on regular basis to establish and reinforce branding and market status to the public. Our members benefit through SBA’s road shows, which deliver their profile straight into the hands of potential customers.

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