The Singapore Business Association offers its members a wide range of services and benefits including:

Benefits Of Joining Business Associations

  • Meeting and understanding different business industry
  • Form partnerships with cross-disciplinary strengths
  • Attend seminars and workshops
  • Learn and Equipped with essential business tools
  • Get updated and learn about new trends
  • Optimizing marketing platforms
  • Strategic networking
  • In-depth business consultation 
  • Understand and get funding through various sources

Seminars, Talks and Workshops

SBA organizes a wide ranging of seminars, workshops and talks on current issues and available government support for businesses. SMEs will also benefit on catching the latest trends and essential business tools to fully reap the fruits of their efforts. Enrich and upgrade yourself with our activities!

Networking Sessions

SBA understands the importance of networking in business. Thus SBA, on a regular basis organizes networking events to provide opportunities to members to broaden their business contacts.

Marketing Platforms

SBA has developed several marketing platforms, which enables members to increase the visibility of their profile in potential markets. These platforms will be useful for SMEs as they can exploit the benefits in economies of scale usually enjoy by big companies. SBA also assists members in developing their own marketing platforms (ie. Social media, customer fan’s base, etc)

  1. Listed in SBA
  2. Decal and/or Framed SBA logo for display at company front
  3. Latest Updates on events and industry trends
  4. Preferential rates to advertise on SBA platforms 
  5. Free advertisement for special deals to SBA members


  1. Local companies whose paid up share capital is less than S$1M
  2. Foreign companies registered in Singapore and whose authorize share capital is less that S$1M
  3. Associations / Chambers / Societies registered in Singapore
  4. *Local and / or foreign organizations not falling under (1) or (2) or (3) 

*Includes Business Firm (sole-proprietorship or a partnership), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), etc.


SBA welcomes all business organization to join SBA as an Associate Member. Kindly register online or download the application form and send it to  today! Annual fee at $125 


* Entrance fee and membership fees paid are not refundable on termination of membership.